Katalyst Culture.

Events, Projects & Programs for social change.

Katalyst Culture produces and manages events, projects, programs and campaigns rooted in creative culture, with a focus on social impact, advocacy and change. 

What we do.

Event Production   Planning & Logistics   
Project Management   Client Relations 

Creative Strategy  Content & Curation

Who we are.

Kat Sambor, founder of Katalyst Culture, is a creative consultant, event producer, project manager, and client relations director with over 15 years of experience in the arts, entertainment and nonprofit industries. Skilled in event/project planning and execution, creative strategy, relationship management, communications, and content curation, Kat brings big visions to life. With Katalyst Culture, Kat merges her experience in the arts with her passion for social justice, impactful storytelling, and future-forward ideas to ignite change.