Meet Kat Sambor.

Kat Sambor

With over 15 years of experience in event production, project management, and client relations, Kat Sambor has honed her skills in the arts and entertainment business while keeping a keen focus on non-profit work and philanthropic initiatives.


Starting her career in the music business gave Kat a taste for the fast paced multitasking and problem-solving that is essential for managing bands, tours, and festivals. Satisfying her passion for art, Kat immersed herself in the fine art fair circuit - working with the longest running photography fair on the West Coast, Photo L.A.; the urban art show Moniker Art Fair in NYC; Photo Independent, an LA-based photographer's fair; the internationally recognized SCOPE Art Show, in New York, Miami, and Switzerland; and most recently she joined the team of the SF-based design conference In/Visible Talks. In the nonprofit sector, Kat has managed programs dedicated to public art, youth, the environment, veterans, and community in collaboration with The Do Art Foundation, The Collective Sound, and Art From The Ashes.


Drop Kat into just about any scenario and she will seamlessly navigate her way through… and at the end of it, that scenario will have been optimized, organized and successfully wrapped, while Kat ties up loose ends and clinks champagne glasses with her clients along the way.  She is a creative, energized, utility player that has the foresight to critically think through the big picture and then lead execution from start to finish effortlessly.

With Katalyst Culture, Kat merges her experience in art and culture with her passion for social justice, impactful storytelling, and future-forward ideas to offer a suite of invaluable resources for like-minded events, projects and programs working towards societal change.

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